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Here’s How and Why Millennials Are Disrupting the Workplace

Say what you want, but Millennials are proving big changes come from big aspirations. As the largest generation in history, Millennials make up most of the U.S workforce. And not only are they high in volume but also in ambition. Most of them would rather be entrepreneurs! Above all, the workplace is changing, and it’s due in part to Millennial employees demanding more mental health awareness, a better work-life balance and, ultimately, purpose.

Believing for “more” out of our jobs

Millennial and founder of The Purpose Company Gabrielle Bosché believes we’re moving from “a transaction economy to a transformation economy.” No longer is it enough to exchange years of work and loyalty to a company for only a paycheck, a few weeks of vacation per year, and an eventual pension. According to Bosché, Millennial employees want their jobs to make them better people. These changes in the workplace are partly due to the pandemic: Working from home has made many people realize that a healthy work-life balance is attainable, and they’re raising the standard.

We’re bringing those expectations and those demands back with us, and I think it’s really going to change the way companies employ individuals, recruit individuals, and how we ourselves are starting our own companies.

Gabrielle Bosché

The confidence for entrepreneurship

Millennials are also creating their own opportunities. A study found that 84% of Millennials are more comfortable as entrepreneurs. Bosché believes this trend is due to “the lure that anyone with a laptop and access to Wi-Fi can become their own boss.”

If you’re unsure about starting a business, Bosché believes you should try. “With the people that I work with, I found they’re more likely to regret not trying than jumping in and realizing it’s not for them after all,” she said. “Plus, you’ll earn an additional set of skill sets by being able to see things from the perspective of the employer. So if you’re thinking about going for it, do it! What’s there to lose?”

For wisdom from a Millennial millionaire, check this out.

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