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Separating Vaccinated From Unvaccinated: Yes or No?

Are you Team Vaccinated or Team Unvaccinated? The U.S economy is reopening: People are going back to public places such as restaurants, clubs and stadiums. Did you know many of these places have blocked out sections to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated people? In this episode of Millenial Minute, host Julia Sun talks with AJ Swinson, New Journey PAC chief of staff, and Dr. Dyan Hes, medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics NYC. They discuss the question: Should public establishments block out sections for people based on vaccination status? Can we bridge the gap in this debate?

The case against separating people based on getting vaxxed

Many people believe that separating people by vaccination status is not only discriminatory but also makes no sense. According to Swinson, the CDC hasn’t recommended establishments to separate the vaccinated and unvaccinated. And the places are only doing this to make people who are wary of COVID-19 feel more at ease.

Swinson thinks that this division also hurts businesses, as it’s almost like “they’re turning away customers.” Businesses have the right to implement these measures, but are people who aren’t vaccinated being treated equally? There are other issues, such as different immunity levels and proving whether a person is vaccinated or not.

The case for incentivization

On the other side of the coin, separating by vaccination status can incentivize people to get the vaccine. Dr. Dyan Hes believes that there should be benefits for people who are vaccinated. “The onus is on the people who don’t want to get vaccinated because that’s what Public Health 101 is,” Hes said. She believes that giving vaccinated people benefits will make unvaccinated people want them, too.

She also believes that for large social events, separation is impossible to implement, but for activities like traveling, where people have to be in close quarters, it’s a different story.

Can we bridge the gap?

These guests disagree over whether the vaccine will ever be government-mandated, which shows just how divisive this issue still is. Do you think establishments are right in separating customers based on vaccination status? Will the unvaccinated and vaccinated people ever agree to disagree?

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