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Edyta Satchell

America’s Travel Wellness Expert and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Edyta Satchell, is a renowned corporate travel executive, speaker, and wellness practitioner with 20 years of travel industry experience. She helps thousands of corporations and individuals who try to prioritize their employees’ health and wellness, but they feel like nothing works for them. By addressing the source of their suffering, Edyta creates highly customized wellness and travel wellness corporate programs that fully correspond with their travel policies and help corporate travelers gain back their travel confidence, productivity, and success. Edyta is the Founder of Satchelle Global Travel Wellness, B2B company supporting corporations in their efforts to have stress-free, happy, healthy and productive employees. She is an accomplished woman with more than 20 years of global leadership experience working with dozens of A-listers, including CEOs of key Fortune 500 companies.
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