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Julia Sun

Julia Sun is a television host known for her riveting passion to serve Millennial and Gen Z viewers. Among the luminaries on her shows are A-list celebrities and influencers, Olympic and Super Bowl champions, star CEOs and U.S. presidential candidates. Julia holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Cornell University.
7 hours ago
The $15 Minimum Wage Debate: This May Be the Compromise We Need -
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Ask Philip: Dogecoin, Motivation and the Right Time to Buy Real Estate -
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Should Schools Teach Patriotism? Let’s debate. -
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11 hours ago
Should Congress raise the minimum wage? Tweet us your thoughts! 💵😊
12 hours ago
It's #WomensHistoryMonth, and we wanted to celebrate this amazing month with this awesome lady @LisaSongSutton! Tune in to watch her share her Real Estate wisdom and how you can get into the world of real estate! 🏠😊

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