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GenCo’s New Ballgame with Legal Moneyball™

After several years as a trial lawyer and executive level corporate attorney, Bryan Rotella founded GenCo Legal with a simple but radical approach to lawyering: offer small-to-midsize businesses a better option than the billable hour. More than four years later, Bryan and his core team of multitalented, millennial business athletes have turned that novel approach into a fast-growing legal startup that serves clients in several industries across the country.

The catalyst for GenCo’s success, is Legal Moneyball™ a revolutionary, data-backed legal support model, designed to level the playing field for startups-to-midsize companies in need of top-tier but cost-effective corporate counsel.

Lawyering made simple via pressure-tested data and measurable ROI

For companies frustrated by the lack of ROI and increasing prices for routine legal services, Legal Moneyball™ combines the insights and feedback gained from business leaders and legal teams at companies across the country into a formula that minimizes key legal risks and drives new profits, all at a predictable, non-hourly rate.

At the center of this cutting-edge approach is GenCo’s 30 day Legal Moneyball™ Assessment that takes a deep dive into a company’s legal pain points then creates a specially-tailored and actionable “Game Plan” highlighting where legal dollars will be best spent in the coming quarters.

The answer for the experience-hungry millennial and tomorrow’s legal industry leaders

Recognizing the value and importance of technology as vital to GenCo’s success with Legal Moneyball™, GenCo places a premium on filling its ranks with the best of the millennial generation by leveraging their outside-the-box thinking and passion for entrepreneurship.

GenCo’s millennial lawyer accelerator program creates “partner” level, seasoned corporate legal professionals in half the time of traditional models by immersing each team member every day in all facets of protecting, running and growing businesses.

In a job market where law firms are hiring less, training less and firing fast, GenCo offers talented millennials an intriguing alternative.

You can learn more about GenCo on this series, by visiting their website at, or by following Bryan on Twitter as he wages his war against the billable hour @RotellaLegal.


*Editor’s Note: GenCo is a Bold TV sponsor.*

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