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Lincoln Network Releases Solutions To Improve Tech Industry’s Viewpoint Diversity

SAN FRANCISCO — Lincoln Network released its new research paper, “Viewpoint Diversity In Tech: Reality Or Myth?” outlining tech industry best practices to create a more open and ideologically-diverse workplace.

Previously, Lincoln Network released preliminary survey findings pointing to a troubling trend in Silicon Valley’s tech sector, where conservative and libertarian employees reported reluctance to fully share their ideas. While the problem is serious, Lincoln Network believes it won’t be solved by government intervention and regulation; it will require serious leadership from the private sector, along with investment from tech’s largest organizations.

Some recommendations from “Viewpoint Diversity In Tech: Reality Or Myth?” include:

  • Include viewpoint diversity questions in company-led employee surveys and release the findings publicly during self-reporting of other diversity data.
  • Ensure that speakers with diverse ideological viewpoints are welcomed by the company and at industry conferences.
  • Create accountability metrics for senior executives and diversity and inclusion officers to measure progress in improving viewpoint diversity.
  • Invest resources to experiment with how existing products and technical teams can help scale innovative approaches to increasing empathy and tolerance in the workplace, such as Deliberative Democracy and Heterodox Academy.
  • Create six-month or one-year deployments for non-technical and technical managers to live in non-tech hubs around the country to engage with employees that have a wide range of ideological and religious views.
  • Increase budget allocations for user research for product development in non-tech hubs and non-coastal cities.

Lincoln Network will be working directly with some of the largest employers in Silicon Valley to implement action plans in a sustained effort to ensure effectiveness at bringing viewpoint diversity to the tech industry. Effective implementation of Lincoln Network’s recommendations will catalyze systemic change throughout the industry. Lincoln Network will continue to issue additional recommendations in the coming months.

To view the “Viewpoint Diversity In Tech: Reality Or Myth?” paper, click here.



About Lincoln:

Lincoln Network’s mission is to create a positive change by bringing together Liberty-minded people from both the technology industry and the public policy sector. Lincoln Network produces content and hosts gatherings to help foster this dialogue in hopes of advancing innovation and human flourishing. Lincoln Network aims to provide freedom-focused organizations and individuals with technology, messaging, and consultation in order to promote Liberty and positive social change.

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