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The Confidence Gap – Ladies, This Is for You

Many women (and men!) want to start thinking like entrepreneurs. But they don’t know where to start or even how that mindset should look. Issues such as the “confidence gap” and an aversion to the money side of business prevent people from reaching their full potential. Joining Bold TV’s Philip Michael, Dr. Charlene Walters is an author and a business and branding mentor who focuses on women in business. Here’s her advice.

The confidence gap

One of the greatest challenges facing women in business is the “confidence gap.” Dr. Walters points to the numbers, stating that “in corporate America …men will apply for positions when they have only 60% of the qualifications versus women who will only apply if they have 100%.” She believes that women are taught that they need to be perfect before attempting anything new, but every new business owner will encounter setbacks, rejection and failure. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is continuing to move forward.

Are you dealing with confidence issues? Make a list of your accomplishments and skill, and put it in a place where you can see it when you need a boost. Also, schedule outings with friends and your support network after big interviews or presentations. 

Money mindset

Many entrepreneurial problems also come from a hesitant attitude toward the money side of business. Dr. Walters mentions that many people are raised with ideas that money is too evil or crass to focus on. It’s important to reframe sales. Instead, Dr. Walters says to think about it as “actually helping people. We have a product, a service, a message that needs to be heard.” 

Final thoughts

Dr. Walters shared her own journey from an English major to an MBA and Ph.D. and then from a successful businesswoman to an author. If you want to read more about her work, life and advice, visit her website.

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