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Should Teachers Be Armed? This Is a Big Debate

Shootings sadly are not rare occurrences in our society, and these events broach the subject of gun reform. One facet of the gun legislation conversation is disagreement on the best short-term solution to gun violence in schools. Should teachers be armed? Bold TV’s Julia Sun was joined by Democratic strategist Nicole Brener Schmitz and Young Voices contributor Matthew Larosiere on Millennial Minute to discuss this issue. 

Arming teachers

Though both Schmitz and Larosiere disagree if teachers should be armed or not, they both agreed with some fundamental flaws to the proposal. Larosiere is committed to people’s right to choose to carry or not carry firearms, so he is opposed to any solution that would involve mandatory firearm baring or banning. Schmitz counters that studies show teachers don’t have the necessary training to de-escalate an active shooter situation. Unless you have combat training people like that of the Marines, a combination of human error and panic could escalate the situation. She also points toward an increased possibility of tragic accidents. Larosiere believes that the presence of firearms is enough to dissuade most shooters. 

Solutions through legislation

According to Schmitz, one of the proposed short-term solutions is Congress passing H.R.8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021. This legislation would require common sense background checks to purchase firearms. Keeping firearms out of the hands of certain people could reduce the likelihood of school shootings. However, Larosiere believes in the importance of interpreting the Second Amendment as the right for any individual to choose to carry or not carry a firearm. He thinks that all public property and events should allow concealed firearms as a Second Amendment right.

Other solutions

Larosiere believes that increased police presence at schools would cause mental health problems for students rather than dissuade potential school shooters. One solution would be an increase in remote learning since school shootings cannot occur if people aren’t together in schools. Finally, Schmitz points out that most shootings occur outside of school settings, making this part of a larger gun violence issue. 

Though Schmitz and Larosiere disagree on particulars, they both want school to be a safe place mentally and physically for all students. Watch the full debate above.

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