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iPhone vs. Android, Explained: Which Phone Should I Buy?

When buying a new smartphone, one of the most important decisions is whether Apple or Android is right for you. Both have cool features and some detractions, so this choice can seem difficult. But because they’re so different, you should be able to discover which one best suits your aesthetic, needs and lifestyle. Here’s the iPhone vs. Android throwdown!


One of the biggest factors in deciding whether to buy an iPhone or an Android is price. While lower-quality Androids can be purchased cheaply, iPhones start around $499. However, higher-quality Androids are comparable in price to iPhones, so if you are willing to invest in a higher-quality smartphone, the price difference is less stark.


The iPhone’s sleek, uniform appearance makes it instantly recognizable but gives you less choice in model appearance. You can change colors, but most phones by this brand look nearly identical. But since many companies produce a wide range of Android smartphones, you have a greater choice in model. 

Ease of use

Apple prides itself on its user-friendly interface and ease of navigability. However, most Android users find their smartphones are also user-friendly. Both smartphones include a voice assistant, but Apple’s Siri has a more personal and fun feel than the various Android voice assistants, which vary by the phone manufacturer. Google Assistant is available on Androids and can access all your Google Apps and utilize Google search, making it a good option for those who rely on a voice assistant more regularly. Apple is also better at regularly updating its products to the latest operating system, meaning users are never left using an out-of-date version.

Availability of apps

While the iPhone has fewer apps than Android, the Apple app store is more carefully curated, resulting in far fewer fake versions of apps than those on Google Play. The Apple App Store also tends to get new apps faster than Google Play.


All Apple products are completely compatible with each other, making an iPhone a great choice if you already have a Mac or an iPad. Android phones — due to the wide range of manufacturers — do not feature the same compatibility across devices.

Privacy and security

Apple products have great privacy and security protection, so an iPhone might be the smartphone for you if that is your primary concern. But some experts say Android is making updates to rival Apple in security. It is a competition, after all!

iPhone vs. Android is always a hot debate because both sides want to defend their phone. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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