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It’s Time for Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager to Step Down

It's Time for Donald Trump's Campaign Manager to Step Down
Photo by Dalton Caraway on Unsplash

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with simple battery for allegedly using physical force against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields (disclosure: personal friend of mine) earlier this month. Sixteen women in media have signed on to a letter calling on Donald Trump to fire his campaign manager Lewandowski,“inexcusable and unprofessional.” They are right; Lewandowski should be removed because he is a distraction from matters of substance, policy and moving the country forward.

I completely agree with these women: the video evidence is unmistakable. That Lewandowski felt he could casually assault a journalist is troubling, but it totally fits with Trump’s call to weaken free speech laws and the candidate’s rude, vulgar language when describing many journalists.

Fields reportedly had to move from her apartment after Fox News and BuzzFeed published her address online. This is highly troubling for those of us who respect the First Amendment and the right for journalists to question authority. Trump is the GOP frontrunner, and Fields was simply trying to ask a policy question on affirmative action.

Beyond the free speech problems, this is also a lady problem. As Ben Kamisar from The Hill reports:

A new CNN poll released Thursday, taken before the spat with rival Ted Cruz over his wife, found that 73 percent of registered female voters in the United States had an unfavorable view of Trump. That’s in line with a Reuters poll from last week that found more than half of American women hold a “very unfavorable” view of the billionaire.

At 4 p.m. today, Tish James, New York City Public Advocate, is holding a rally to support women who are troubled by the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Bold will be covering the rally. It’s worth taking a stand to protect women against politicians like Trump who do not respect women. We’ve come to far to slide back.

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