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Join #ChampionWomen to Ensure All Women are Treated With Dignity, Kindness, and Respect

Today is the first day of the #ChampionWomen campaign created by Independent Women’s Voice (IWV), the sister organization of Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), and we hope you’ll join us! IWF is a Bold Life sponsor and a thoughtful resource for women interested in the national public policy conversation. As a digital ambassador for the #ChampionWomen movement, I am personally proud to encourage respectful, diverse, and thoughtful conversations via this campaign. I’m also thrilled that Bold is a partner institution to promote this campaign.

As the IWV team notes, too many people try to diminish the influence, perspectives, and policy solutions put forth by women by degrading their appearance and delegitimizing their qualifications. This has no place in our quest to form a more perfect union.

Because of this, the leaders of IWV created #ChampionWomen to expose the problem of objectification, hold offenders accountable, and defend and champion the right of women to speak their minds and be treated with respect. The goal of #ChampionWomen is to have a society where all women’s views are welcomed, where women and men are treated with respect, and where women today and generations to come know they can get involved and make their views known without being personally attacked. We know that if we can create an environment that is welcoming to and respectful of women, we will create a better world. The #ChampionWomen campaign aims to do the following:

  • Identify those​ who objectify, shame, mock, or silence any woman.

  • Defend every woman’s right to argue their point of view without fear of being personally attacked — shamed, silenced, or stereotyped —including those with whom you may disagree. ​​

  • Encourage respectful, diverse, and thoughtful conversations.

Our supporting organizations and companies are below. Give them a follow:

My fellow #ChampionWomen ambassadors–all bold women–believe we should debate all issues in a civil and respectful manner, and we are committed to honest and open debate. We welcome, and take seriously, all women’s voices while defending our own beliefs and opinions. Give them a follow:

Join the campaign and learn more at

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