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suez canal, ever given suez canal, ever given


If you somehow missed the numerous memes about the boat stuck in the canal, you should know what went down. A 220,000-ton boat named...

streaming streaming


Hand up; I am a part of the problem. I pay for Amazon Prime Video, but I have access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max,...


As a Millennial, Gen Z or Zillennial, you hear a lot about the importance of educating yourself. One important facet of today’s society is...


You’ve heard of the insanity of the “Florida Man.” (That’s me, by the way.) But why is everyone becoming one? Well, I’m going to...


It’s been a year since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic, and most of us have been stuck in quarantine for all of...


Should we target millionaires and billionaires? After the last year in quarantine, the wealth gap has only grown more severe. There’s no doubt that...

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