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Politicians’ families are increasingly scrutinized. Many voters are uncomfortable with the personal attacks, which extend beyond adult children and spouses to young children. Should...

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Lately, there’s been a battle between Gen Z and Millennials. Are Millennials lame now? Who has the better style? Millennials aren’t too happy about...


What a meeting! On Feb. 18, Robinhood – and other key players in the GameStop fiasco – testified before Congress for five hours. They...


Should you go to the gym during a pandemic? People in the U.S. and across the world have different views. On the one hand,...


Does the American education system owe something to Black Americans? There is a history of racism and discrimination in this country, and some say...


How can we ever expect to get a leg up in the financial world? With the recent proceedings of the stock market world and...

60 minutes ago
Texas has been giving California and New York a run for its money. But the recent cascading power grid failure is a canary in the coal mine.
2 hours ago
What Is Artificial Intelligence? Let's Break It Down For You. via @YouTube
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If you don’t know what’s going on in the world, here’s a little rundown✅
21 hours ago
Black Entrepreneurs Are Underfunded – Here’s How to Help -
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Should Politicians’ Family Members Be Off-Limits? -
24 hours ago
. @shaysayss covers . @Beyonce's recent icy 🥶 #IvyPark drop, . @Migos 's Quavo making his feature film debut, devastation in Texas, and more!

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