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kid with american flag, patriotism kid with american flag, patriotism


Should we be teaching patriotism in our schools? Or should we give an unfiltered history of our country and allow students to think for...

china china


You may already have heard about the situation in China with the Uyghur minority. I’m going to break it down for you. Uyghurs are...


Politicians’ families are increasingly scrutinized. Many voters are uncomfortable with the personal attacks, which extend beyond adult children and spouses to young children. Should...


Lately, there’s been a battle between Gen Z and Millennials. Are Millennials lame now? Who has the better style? Millennials aren’t too happy about...


What a meeting! On Feb. 18, Robinhood – and other key players in the GameStop fiasco – testified before Congress for five hours. They...


Should you go to the gym during a pandemic? People in the U.S. and across the world have different views. On the one hand,...

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