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futuristic akoin city futuristic akoin city


Akon is building another futuristic, crypto-powered city in Africa. Now, we can expect at least two Wakanda-like cities – one in Senegal and one...

airport, space travel, flights airport, space travel, flights


Imagine! You’re at an airport terminal waiting in line to buy a ticket. You get to the counter, and you order a ticket to...

Show and Tell

Welcome back to Show and Tell, where Peter Salib unboxes sweet tech for every area of your life. More and more companies are creating...


It’s not a taboo idea that our data is being collected. Our smartphones consist of many apps, and a majority of them are constantly...


Let’s talk about Dogecoin. If you don’t know what that is, Dogecoin started as a joke. What is Dogecoin? Software engineers Jackson Palmer and...


In recent months, Bitcoin has been the hot item everyone is talking about. With the cryptocurrency flying off of digital shelves almost as fast...

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