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Robinhood sucked in Millennials and Gen Z with the promise of free access to the stock market. It was revolutionary and exciting to allow...

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If you’re a Millennial, then you probably remember the nostalgic Myspace. Now, enter Hive Social. The buzz around this new social media app practically...


Cryptocurrency – or, more specifically, Bitcoin (BTC) – is exploding to a record-high. Hilarious money memes, such as the one below, are skyrocketing as...


Can Australia meet Google and Facebook in the middle, or will they be forced to live a life without each other? Both sides have...


It’s the 14th month of 2020, and yes, people are still getting kicked off of Twitter. “De-platforming” is a new vocabulary word we’ve had...


Have you ever accidentally offended someone with a careless word or phrase? It never feels good, especially in the workplace where you’re working closely...

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