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UN Expert Talks Sustainability in Fashion

expert on sustainability in fashion

Making one pair of jeans requires the same amount of water a person would drink for seven years, according to Tolu Olubunmi, a United Nations advisor who focuses on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Bold TV chatted with Olubunmi at TENCEL’s Earth Month campaign event, which promoted sustainability in fashion.

Olubunmi said people often don’t think of fashion as having a huge influence on sustainability, but it’s the second-largest polluting industry in the world, according to high-end retailer Eileen Fisher.

“Understanding that your fashion choices matter in this climate is really important,” Olubunmi said.

And it’s been proven that Millennials and Gen Zers care about sustainability in fashion, as many have turned to eco-friendly brands and consignment stores.

TENCEL’s event promoted the idea that you should buy from brands that support your own values. TENCEL is a sustainable, biodegradable fiber made from trees that is used by brands like Levi’s. The event brought brands, impact influencers and industry leaders together and featured companies like Bearaby and BN3TH, that want to help consumers make more eco-friendly purchases by creating clothes and products with the environment in mind.

Want other easy ways to help the environment? Olubunmi recommended the following five small changes you can make to your daily life:

  1. Take a reusable bag with you to get groceries (and avoid plastic bags)
  2. Take five minute showers
  3. Have a reusable water bottle with you during the day
  4. Choose walking, biking or public transportation instead of driving
  5. Use glass straws instead of plastics ones

Olubunmi told Bold TV about the UN’s Act Now bot, which recommends daily actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Olubunmi said conversations about the environment can often be overwhelming and make us feel like our actions won’t make a difference. “But that’s not true. Every action matters, whether big or small,” she said.

For more content on being eco-friendly, check this out.

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