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WATCH: Could Oprah Beat Trump in 2020? See Our Predictions on Tomorrow’s Show!

Thank goodness it’s (almost) Friday! Bold Founder Carrie Sheffield is back tomorrow with guest host, Jon Levine from The Wrap for another great episode of Bold TV live at 10AM ET on Facebook and Periscope!

*Update: Watch our full episode here*

We’ll discuss the possibility of an Oprah Winfrey presidency, have a conversation on race relations in the United States in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and more! 

First, National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis and Newsweek’s John Haltiwanger will help Bold TV run through the potential pros and cons of a Trump vs. Oprah presidential face-off in 2020, as well as the role of celebrity in politics.

Then, Deepak Chopra and Bookstr’s Sarah Hill will join us to discuss his book, “The Soul of Leadership” and how all of us — including President Donald Trump — can become conscious leaders.

We will close with a conversation on the new jazz project Modern Warrior LIVE with the creators Dominick Farinacci and Jaymes Poling. The show aims to bridge the divide between veterans and civilians by sharing personal combat stories with a live audience. Proceeds will be used to help support U.S. military veterans. 

Join us tomorrow morning at 10AM ET for a great show! Check out more about all of tomorrow’s guests here: 

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