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Why We Binge Eat and How To Stop

Times are stressful for all of us, from the increased demands of remote work to helping children learn via Zoom. Plus, we can’t forget the U.S. election and the pandemic, which no one is completely certain about. On top of all of this, most of us are at home with access to unlimited snacks, alcohol and other unhealthy vices. It’s easier to binge eat when you never leave your house. While things do make us feel better in the moment, the guilt always comes back. Certified nutritionist Shelley Gawith shared her key tips for de-stressing without turning to junk food and drink with Bold TV.

Don’t binge eat. Do this instead!

  1. Drink water. You have to stay hydrated if you want to avoid grazing. If you’re full of water, then you can’t fill up on other stuff. Gawith suggests you calculate your bodyweight in volume and divide that number by two to get your perfect daily dose of water. It seems like a lot, but it’s the perfect amount to keep your mouth busy.
  2. Try kombucha. Another powerhouse beverage. Kombucha usually has fewer calories than juice but is still a great way to boost energy. Plus, it has probiotics that are amazing for your gut and digestion. Kombucha is organic, and if you aren’t afraid, you can even make it yourself!
  3. Eat good-quality fats. Avocados, coconut, eggs, and nuts and seeds — these are the foods that keep you full and keep your brain moving optimally, so you’re in the right mind to steer clear of those bad-quality fats. So, instead of a chocolate milkshake, throw an avocado, almond milk and natural peanut butter in a blender and enjoy that as a treat.

De-stressing in nature

The last piece of advice is to take a moment in for yourself in nature. Take your shoes off and step in the grass, it will help you feel grounded and calm. This act will also take you one step closer to meditation, another great resource for releasing stress.

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