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Does Your Company Need a Business Psychic?

You may be wondering: What the heck is a business psychic? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A person who looks into the future of your business and tells you what to expect if you make a certain decision. We all probably could have used a business psychic to tell us how to navigate 2020, but thankfully Bold TV was able to chat with Vaishali Nikhade and learn what to expect as this year comes to a close.

Psychic predictions

As this election comes to a close, it’s difficult to know how to proceed for some businesses. Nikhade suggests that we all be cautious, especially media companies. Many founders know that it can be dangerous to pick a political side, but it can also be dangerous to stay quiet about your opinions. The decision to encourage anything other than voting, in general, could make or break in some industries, so the recommendation of caution is an astute one.

If you don’t have access to a psychic, Nikhade gave a few recommendations. First, go with your gut. If you have made a decision out of an abundance of caution, but your gut is steering you in another direction, then go with your gut. We all have our own intuition and gut feeling that we can turn to in times of uncertainty. Next, set time markers for yourself. If you’re not sure that a project will pan out, give it a time limit, and if there is no traction within that time, put it on the back burner. There’s the saying “time will tell” for a reason.

Don’t be afraid of the future

Because of the constant uncertainty of this year, Nikhade has noticed that some people are too afraid to look into their possible future. This is understandable, but it also could be detrimental. We can’t all be psychics and see exactly what is going to happen next, but we can plan and make predictions and look toward our future with hope and optimism. Maybe a reading from a psychic will give you just the motivation you need to leverage the current situation to your advantage.

Finally, Nikhade assures us that next year is looking up! Get ready for blessings in 2021!

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