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2021 Predictions: Here’s What We Can Expect

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As this unprecedented year comes to a close, we at Bold TV think that it is time to look forward to the possibilities of a new year. Every week, we talk to thought leaders and experts in different fields, so we decided to call on some of them to tell us their 2021 predictions.

1. Lisa Song Sutton, real estate entrepreneur and Miss Nevada USA 2014 

“There has been an exodus this year, 2020, of people fleeing high-tax and burdensome-regulation states like California. We definitely will see a continued trend of strong real estate sales, especially in low-tax cities like Las Vegas.

2021 is the year that we will see more emerging entrepreneurs and American ingenuity as people realize that supporting and creating small business is the backbone to our economy.”

2. Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert

“Based on recent Monster data showing upticks in job postings for manufacturing, logistics and warehouse roles as a result of an increase of e-commerce during the pandemic, we likely will see that trend continuing in 2021 if e-commerce continues to soar.

We are optimistic that job seekers will continue to be flexible to highlight transferable skills to pivot into areas with more opportunities. For example, hospitality workers who were furloughed or laid off can lean into their customer service skills, which are in demand in other industries.

We likely will continue to see roles within health care, technology and truck-driving continue to soar in their need for qualified workers.

Lastly, we’re forecasting that video job interviews will be here to stay — it could be a hybrid with interviewers who may be off-site during the interview process in a post-pandemic world, but overall, job seekers who can ace a video job interview will be well prepared for 2021 and beyond!”

3. Aaron Price, CEO, TechUnited NJ 

“Technology will continue to play a major role in 2021, accelerated by the pandemic, but it’s here to stay.

With that, the traditional workweek and in-office requirements will never be the same.  Our work culture will be forever altered by how technology has enabled many to work remotely in 2020.”

What’s your forecast for 2021?

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