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Why You Should Start Investing Now

If you’re wondering if you should start investing, the time is now! Now, it may seem scary after the year we had. Last March, the market dropped as the pandemic raged, people lost their jobs, and the world was thrust into uncertainty. People began to panic, and because the market is tied to our emotions and feelings about the world, many stocks dropped, from airlines to movie theaters to Netflix! But, Netflix bounced back and then some along with Amazon and other services. The economy may still be on lockdown, but it will open up again soon. This anticipation is affecting the market positively, and we all should be taking advantage!

Young people and money

Millennials and Gen-Z have adopted a different kind of mentality when it comes to money. Young people don’t want to wait around for someone to save them financially. They are learning about financial literacy and wealth-building all on their own, and because of this, the stock trading app, Robinhood, saw record numbers of new investors in 2020. Not to mention, Robinhood itself is considering going public. This could be a great investment opportunity for young investors everywhere. Even when it comes to investing away from the stock market, Millennials continued to take control of their money through real estate. Black Millennials especially saw a higher uptick than all other categories in home buying. The time is now to control and grow your financial future.

The future of money

The final reason you should consider investing now is inflation. Some economists are warning that the end of 2021 could bring about some pretty significant inflation. One way to protect your money during this time would be to invest it. Sitting in your bank account, your money may lose value, but invested, the value will rise with the market. Investing could protect your money, not just for the next year, but for the next five years. If you’re just starting out, consider looking up Robinhood, Acorns or Stash in your app store. These are all tools that can help you start your investment journey. 

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