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Vincent De Paul on the New Movie “Secret Society”

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Can art bring us together? Americans are pretty much gridlocked over most issues. From social change to race, gender and economy, people can’t seem to agree on anything. A common thread for people today seems to be that if someone isn’t on my team, doesn’t vote the way I do or doesn’t believe what I believe, they are the enemy. In many ways, we lack acceptance of differing ideals, leaving us without any love for those who are different from us, just hate and anger. Vincent De Paul is an Emmy Award-winning producer and a star of the new movie, “Secret Society,” and he joined Bold TV to share why he thinks this film could show the world how to bridge these gaps.

Photo Courtesy of “Secret Society.” Pictured: Erica Pinkett as Tina & Vincent De Paul as Derek Rossi

Unconditional love

De Paul’s character, Derek Rossi, ends up in love with someone who, on paper, is nothing like him. The main concept De Paul wants us to take away from the film is that unconditional love can surpass race, status, creed and everything in between. “We just need to be more open to listening and to be unconditional: meaning no conditions, we accept you for who you are, no barriers, no restrictions,” De Paul said. Hopefully, this theme can resonate with every single viewer and bring us a little closer together.

Secret Society

The movie is based on a novel of the same name by Miasha Coleman. She wrote it 15 years ago, and now director Jamal Hill is bringing her words to the big screen. The film’s diverse cast shows that anyone can show love and respect for one another no matter how different they are.

To keep up with Vincent De Paul, check this out.

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