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What Is the Future of the GOP?

The Republican and Democratic parties suffer from the same issue, and that’s division. Within each party are two or three separate parties with similar views but vastly different approaches. Right now, the Democratic Party has something that the Republican Party lacks: power. With a Democratic president, House and Senate, it will be pretty difficult for conservatives to make headway in the federal government for at least the next three to four years. What could this mean for the future of the GOP?

The Trump Factor

Under President Trump, the Republican Party was pretty divided between never-Trumpers and Trump fanatics. Now that Trump lost the re-election, those in the party who disagreed with how he ran things are making their voices heard. Politicians such as Liz Cheney – who was one of few Republicans to vote for Trump to be impeached – are speaking out as Trump tries to gain support for the 2024 election. AJ Swinson from the New Journey PAC called Cheney “disingenuous,” saying, “She supported him before, and [impeachment] wasn’t what the people in her district wanted her to do.” Some are even calling for Cheney to leave the party.

Another run for Trump seems to be a sticking point for many Republican voters. Support is practically 50/50, which isn’t a very promising prospect for the future of the party. With the party so divided, could any future GOP candidate win the presidency?

The rise of independent voters

The percentage of Independent voters in the U.S. hit an all-time high this year at 50% of the population. Because of how polarizing our politics have become, many are opting out of the discussion altogether. If you pay attention to the news, it seems that Republicans have gone super-right, and Democrats have gone super-left. Conservative commentator Christian Watson said of the future of the Republican Party, “If [it] sticks to its grassroots, and it remembers the vision of Goldwater and Reagan, it will persist as it always has.”

Is this achievable in this day and age when extremism sells, or will both parties pull farther and farther apart until a new party forms?

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