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How the Right Mindset Could Turn Misfortune Into Opportunity

People have been prioritizing mindset in success even before it became popular in the 2000s. Author Napoleon Hill wrote the wildly popular book “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937. By talking to several successful people, he discovered that thoughts, perseverance and imagination were major keys to all of these fortunes. In 2006, social psychologist Carol Dweck popularized the idea of a link between mindset and success. She said some people are born with a “growth mindset” (I can learn and grow as I go through life.) and a “fixed mindset” (I was born with a certain amount of intelligence.). Now, expanding on these ideas, Dr. Christian Busch introduces the concept of the “serendipity mindset,” or the ability to turn a seemingly unfortunate event into an amazing opportunity. He joined Bold TV to share why he thinks this mindset is so important in 2021.

Serendipity in 2020

Last year, the entire world experienced the same life-altering event, but not everyone reacted the same way. Some people could not cope with the realities of a sudden pandemic and the economic fallout. But as Dr. Busch explained, “Purpose-driven successful people [have] something in common, which is that they intuitively see something unexpected, connect the dots and turn it into unexpected positive outcomes.”

For example, when the world ran out of hand sanitizers and simultaneously closed the bars and distilleries, some alcohol manufacturers took the opportunity to pivot, stop producing liquor and start making hand sanitizer. Those business leaders had the same mindset as recently unemployed or furloughed people, who used that time to start their own business.

When accidents happen, some people can turn it into a lucky circumstance, but not everyone is born with that ability. Sometimes, you have to train yourself to see serendipity.

Learning to see serendipity

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a circumstance where they can see serendipity in their misfortunes. For some, living in a stressful situation can make it difficult to develop a mindset that sees beyond immediate obstacles. Of course, it’s all easier said than done when you’re talking about changing the way someone thinks, but Dr. Busch has a suggestion that anyone reading can try:

Remove yourself from the situation you are thinking about, and imagine you’re advising a friend. Usually, when you’re telling your friends how to respond to a situation, you have all the answers. But when it comes to your own life, it’s harder to take a leap and try something new. So, the next time you’re given an obstacle, try changing your perspective, taking your emotions out of it, and talk to yourself like you would a friend. Let us know if that works!

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