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New Georgia Voting Law: What’s up With This?

A new Georgia voting law requires absentee voters to provide identification with their ballots, among other changes to the election process. The Peach State is home to many large corporations, and a few of these CEOs are speaking out against the bill. Delta and Coca-Cola publicly oppose it, and Major League Baseball just moved its All-Star game from Atlanta over to Colorado. 

Outrage-industrial complex

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defended Georgia’s voting law and warned these corporations against having an “outrage-industrial complex.” He said that the private sector continues to behave like a “woke parallel government” and that “Americans do not need or want big business to amplify disinformation or react to every manufactured controversy.”

Citizens United

However, going back in time, we remember McConnell supported the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in 2010. This case ruled that corporations wouldn’t have a cap on the amount they can spend on an election, given that they are not “coordinating” with any specific political party or candidate. Basically, corporations were ruled to have First Amendment rights. So, critics say that McConnell’s affiliation with this law contradicts his criticism of Delta and Coca-Cola. McConnell responded,

“I’m not talking about political contributions. Most of them contribute to both sides, they have political action committees, that’s fine, it’s legal, it’s appropriate, I support that. I’m talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or a state because you don’t like a particular law they passed. I just think it’s stupid.”

Differing points of view

McConnell’s original point is that critics of the voting bill are actually spreading misinformation. The example that he provided was President Biden stated that the voting bill would end voting at 5 p.m., but in reality, it actually extends voting hours and adds voting days. McConnell said that this outrage and disinformation has a purpose. He claims that Washington Democrats want to pass a bill that would let them rewrite all 50 states’ election laws.

The voting law has been the subject of serious accusations, such as being the Jim Crow of this century. But some people believe that this criticism comes from people who have not yet read the bill. 

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