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Are Aliens Real? What Do You Think?

In this episode of the Millennial Minute, host David Grasso talks with Max Burns and Ajay Bruno about aliens and UFOs. Are aliens real? And if they are, should the government tell us about it? 

Unidentified flying objects

Burns says that while it’s tough to say if the U.S. government has had contact with aliens, they definitely have experience with UFOs. In some cases, the government “can’t say with certainty that they know what they’ve seen.” 

“This issue is very multifaceted,” Bruno agreed. He doesn’t buy the explanation that secrecy about aliens and UFOs is a matter of national security. “We know UFOs are real. The question is, what are they?” Bruno believes that there are enough credible witnesses with weird stories to prove that something funny is going on. 

The CIA released documents of UFOs but didn’t confirm alien contact. This was because some of the videos appeared to come from aircraft carriers and military jets. Burns says that, because of this, the government had to acknowledge that those videos were legitimate. 

The truth is out there 

Burns has questions about the overuse of classification within government agencies. If something doesn’t jeopardize national security, should it be public information? “For the interest of democracy and transparency in government, it’s time we open up the books,” he said.

Bruno believes the issue of government disclosure should transcend all partisan lines. “We have a right to this information and the truth,” he said. Many people already believe that extraterrestrials have visited Earth. There have been too many highly qualified and trustworthy witnesses to discount the possibility, according to Bruno.

And as for aliens? “They are real, almost certainly,” Bruno said. “It’s something we can’t ignore.” 

What do you think? Will we soon see a visit from ET? Let us know in the comments.

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