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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: Will the American Taxpayer Pay?

The United States is on the road to post-pandemic recovery. But will that recovery include increased taxes? On this episode of Millennial Minute, Ajay Bruno and Max Burns join host David Grasso. They chat about the infrastructure recovery plan and what it means for Americans. 

Who will this affect? 

President Biden’s infrastructure recovery plan includes $2 trillion in tax hikes. But who will this affect? Political strategist Ajay Bruno says with an increase in taxes on corporations, the expenses may be passed down to regular people. “It’s very dicey, and I’m very suspicious,” he said. 

The middle class was promised that no one making less than $400,000 would see federal tax increases. Democratic strategist Max Burns thinks this is realistic. He says that 60% of Americans currently support Biden’s infrastructure recovery plan. However, that could change drastically if the margin was reduced to $100 thousand. “If you can stick to that commitment, this is a winning issue for the entire country,” Burns said. 

The U.S. is nearly $30 trillion in debt. Bruno is skeptical that the average American won’t be forced to foot the bill. He thinks that the Biden administration should be providing more security to back up this claim. 

How do we rebuild our infrastructure without extraneous spending? 

Burns said voters have a responsibility to hold their elected officials accountable across the aisle. “Voters need to get out and be at the front of this,” especially when it comes to how the government is going to use their money. 

Many Democrats are actually on board with a larger infrastructure recovery plan, Burns explained. To get the rest of Congress on board, Burns hopes that the plan can be laid out differently. Not just in terms of what it will cost, but taking into account what it will do. 

What do you think about the American Rescue Plan? Let us know in the comments!

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