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Managing Chaos Through Meditation: This New App Can Help!

More than 18% of people in the United States are living with some form of anxiety disorder, and over 40% of Americans report experiencing symptoms of anxiety or stress. But Dr. Krishna Bhatta has come up with a way to combat our anxieties. He is an author, surgeon, inventor and the founder of Relaxx app. 

Finding tools for managing anxiety 

“The Relaxx app is a wellness app for all ages,” Bhatta said. It features tools for emotional detox and content geared specifically to help reduce anxiety. The app’s goal is to successfully guide people through “the practice of mindfulness, intermittent silence and meditation.” 

Bhatta compares meditation to sleep. It just happens; you can’t force it. And like sleep, “meditation happens in silence.” Finding room in our lives for intermittent silence is important, but Bhatta calls it a “living silence.”

Practicing mindfulness and meditation  

Meditation takes practice, and by training the brain to enter a more peaceful state, we can better manage the chaos in our lives. One of the biggest reasons people struggle to meditate is that they feel unable to focus their thoughts. But you can’t “win” meditation.

It’s impossible to give shape to water without a container; our minds work similarly. Instead of treating sounds and thoughts as a distraction while meditating, Bhatta suggests that we just let them pass through. 

Why is intermittent silence important? 

Intermittent silence gives the 86 billion neurons in your brain time to rest. Without this rest, our minds can become exhausted, leading to great anxiety and stress. Meditation can also boost imagination and creativity, as well as patience and tolerance. Engaging in the practice of meditation and self-awareness makes it easier to focus on the present and manage stress. 

Has meditation been a beneficial practice in your life? Or are you considering giving it a shot? Drop us a line in the comments! 

For more on wellness and self-care, check this out. 

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