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Art in the Office – It Might Make You More Productive

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As employers push for a return to in-person work after COVID-19, not everyone is looking forward to going back to the office. So how can business owners and employers make their offices worth coming back to? Art is the answer. 

People like it.

Over 90% of employees in an office setting said that art enhances their working environment. A survey conducted by the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found similar results. From the food distributors to law firms, 78% of workers agreed that art in the workplace reduces stress. It makes us more productive. 

It makes us more productive.

Curating a beautiful workspace is one of the easiest ways to impact employee productivity and wellbeing positively. One study found that people working in spaces decorated with art or plants experienced a 17% increase in productivity. This is compared to those working in bland or undecorated areas. 

The survey also found that 77% of employees felt more encouraged to express new ideas and opinions, and 64% reported increased creativity. 

Highlight the vision.

WorKDesign Magazine says that “a strong workplace art experience should be guided by a clear vision and well-defined goals.” That vision should be tied to using art to tell a story about the brand or the company, adding to its purpose, meaning and value. The art in the workplace can take many forms and can indicate “stability, longevity and a company’s investment in cultivating a strong culture.” 

Choose the right pieces.

When decorating or designing a beautiful workspace, it’s important to use pieces that enhance the working experience. This can include murals or mosaics, thought-provoking conversation pieces or sculptures. The choice of art can even be used to designate a specific area or environment, such as distinguishing the common or meal space from a board room. 

Art can be used to convey a message, boost productivity, and generate a positive culture. What is your experience? Let us know in the comments! 

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