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Is Biden Handling the Border Crisis Well? What Do You Think?

President Biden’s White House is the most pro-immigration administration in decades. But what has Biden’s team actually done about the border crisis? On this episode of Millennial Minute, host Julia Sun chats with Kat Murti and Nicole Brener-Schmitz about who’s to blame and if the situation can be resolved.

Who’s to blame for the border crisis?

“It is still nearly impossible to come to America, legally or otherwise,” Murti said. So, voters must maintain pressure on Biden to ensure that he keeps his campaign promises to open up legal pathways to immigration.

But Schmitz believes that Republicans are to blame for the stall out at the border. “Republicans are not interested in solving this problem,” she said. “If they were, they would welcome a conversation about the immigration bill.” 

What about migrant children?

While children at the border are still being held in poor conditions, Schmitz doesn’t see this as a repeat of the pitfalls of the Trump administration. “This is a matter that takes time, and it can’t happen overnight,” she said.

But Murti said that Biden could be doing more to help children and families at the border. She worries that Democratic supporters aren’t holding the Biden administration to an equal standard. 

“Biden really hasn’t reversed any of the Trump-era restrictions on legal immigration,” Murti explained. So, she wants the Biden administration to make those legal paths more accessible – especially for refugees and asylum seekers. She also wants something to be done about children being detained past the legal limit. 

On the other hand, Schmitz explained how the Biden team has reinstated the Central American Minors Program, which would allow children to apply for protection from their home country. “It’s unfair to say that they’re not trying to quickly address the system,” she countered.

Has Biden kept his promises on immigration? Watch the full debate above, and leave us your thoughts in the comments! 

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