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What Is DatChat? This Could Be a Game-Changer for Data Privacy

Have you ever been talking to a friend about something, or searching on the web then suddenly see an advertisement for that exact thing on your social media page? It’s a little scary, and social media and other online services have been tracking your data for a while now. Philip Michael, entrepreneur and host of Bold TV Business, talks with CEO of DatChat, Darin Myman, as they discuss the issue of data-tracking and how DatChat is designed to keep your privacy safe.   

How are social media and other platforms tracking you?

Part of the big reason that all these web platforms are free is because you are the product. Your information is sold to companies to use for their own products and services. However, when people say that these companies are tracking you, there isn’t a person on the other end stalking every person in the world. It is all computerized with AI and thousands upon thousands of pieces of code going through each and every scenario of choices people make. 

According to Myman, one of the ways they track you is by linking your IP address with other affiliated IP addresses. So, if you do some research, suddenly your spouse or kid can receive the ad for what you searched. 

Facebook isn’t the only one that does this. All of these sites are interconnected with each other, working together in order to get to the consumer. 

Google will use your information to suggest certain sites more than others. In addition, You can go to Google Maps right now and look at almost every place you’ve been in the past. Amazon and other e-commerce sites will charge you based on where you live, time of day and how long you linger on a product page. The most obvious example of this is airlines. Many times, when you are buying a ticket and then refresh the page, the price of the ticket will go up. For this reason, it is best to buy the ticket as fast as you can so prices don’t change while you are searching.

A new question being asked is, “Are these smart speakers such as Alexa and Google listening to us when we are having a conversation?” Amazon and Google claim that they only listen when you activate them with their call name, but who knows.

What can you do?

There are a few things you can do to help with this problem. You can get a VPN that changes your location and masks your IP address. Unfortunately, though, these programs aren’t usually free. Another tip is turning off your cookies on your web browser, or searching in incognito mode. However, websites have become very smart and can tell whether you turned off cookies, resulting in some sites not letting you continue unless you turn cookies back on. 

You also can use a new way of interacting with people. Many people have become tired of this data-tracking and have started taking action by developing their own social media platforms. These developers, such as Myman and his DatChat platform, know the importance of your privacy and are trying to make a change by taking on the giants and keeping your information safe.

For more on data privacy, check this out.

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