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End Your Bad Habits With the Pavlok Bracelet

You know that feeling. The feeling when you first wake up when your alarm goes off and you hit that snooze button. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, we also tend to hit the snooze button when it comes to being productive. Procrastinating is a big part of being human. Join Philip Michael as he talks with this week’s Featured Entrepreneur, Maneesh Sethi. They discuss his device, the Pavlok, that will slap some good habits into you.  

The idea behind Pavlok

Sethi said that when he was working, he hired a woman to sit down next to him. Every time he would waste time, she’d slap him in the face. Sethi tracked his productivity and discovered that he was more productive. Talk about a great job! Getting paid to slap someone! Where can I get this job!? 

However, most of us probably don’t have someone around to slap us, and we probably wouldn’t want that person around for very long. So, Sethi decided to create a device that you wear like a watch and acts like a physical alarm clock. It will remind you to do what you scheduled to do. 

What this journey has taught Sethi

What Sethi discovered when making this product was that hardware is much more difficult to come by than he thought. Now that he has experienced this process by creating his device, he is much more experienced and knowledgeable about the industry. Now, if he has any more amazing ideas, he is fully prepared to innovate and to make his visions into reality. 

This is an important lesson to learn because whether your product is successful or not, you would have learned a lot from your journey. With your new knowledge and resources, you will be more prepared for your next endeavor. We can’t wait to see what Sethi will make next.

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