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Welcome to the Hacker House. What Is It?

What is a hacker house? It sounds like the home base of a James Bond villain. However, a hacker house is a new idea for living. The idea behind it is to create an environment that inspires creativity, entrepreneurship and growth. Sam Bloomquist of Bold TV joins Philip Michael as they delve deep into this idea.  

What is a hacker house?

The hacker house is a Silicon Valley idea where a bunch of business founders are living together under the same roof, similar to a dorm. However, Michael, being the good-hearted person that he is, didn’t want to pack people up like sardines and instead wanted to give people their own living spaces. In essence, it’s like WeWork for living, where you share space with people who potentially can help each other’s business thrive.

What is the vision?

Michael’s vision isn’t simply to have shelter for people to live in; it’s also to create an environment similar to a gym. Sure, you can work out at home while your cat is relaxing on the couch right next to you, but, when you go to the gym, there is a surge of energy you feel from everyone else around you that is also working out. 

A better tenant-landlord relationship

What’s also incredible is that Michael also wants to break down the tenant-landlord relationship. Landlords are usually there just for the profit, so they don’t care about their tenants. If you miss a payment, then you are kicked out, which is why tenants are usually fearful of their landlords and don’t want to associate with them. However, Michael wants to interact and engage with his tenants who will be living in his hacker house. He’ll have an advisory board, and he hopes to be a mentor and to encourage his tenants to be successful in all of their endeavors.

So, not only are tenants paying for a place to live, but they also are paying for the community. Talk about a deal, getting two for one price! Where can I sign up?

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