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Here’s a List of 5 Companies to Watch in 2021

Who’s excited for 2021!? With a new year and the recently released vaccine, many entrepreneurs are looking forward to a fresh start and new opportunities. Others that have been hit hard by the pandemic also are looking for new ways to pivot toward the changing market in the upcoming year. Join Philip Michael as he lists five companies to watch in 2021.

1. Airbnb

Like many in the Hotel/Travel industry, Airbnb got hit very hard by the pandemic. However, the company was miraculously able to pull through the year and even recently went public. With their hyped-up IPO (Initial Public Offering), their stock price shot up from a starting price of $68 a share (around a $30 to $40 billion valuation) to around $144 (around $100 billion) in one day. That’s insane! What else will this year bring Airbnb?

2. WeWork 

Even before the pandemic, WeWork was going through a rough patch, with the replacement of their CEO. They also decided to go back to their founding business model, which is to focus on subletting office space. Now, due to the pandemic, businesses started working remotely, so what will become of WeWork when things hopefully start going back to normal in 2021?

3. DoorDash 

Another hyped-up new IPO like Airbnb is DoorDash. Due to the pandemic, people weren’t leaving their homes, so Doordash received a lot of business. Their stock price also shot up. However, they still are generating losses. Will all the hype sustain through the upcoming year? It’s something to pay attention to. 

4. Robinhood

Due to the pandemic, many people have started looking into their personal finances and started investing on their own. Robinhood benefited from this and saw a surge in its user base. Recently, they announced that they plan on going public (an IPO) in 2021. It will be interesting to see what happens. 

5. Bold TV

Media as a whole has been struggling, and recently there has been a rise of decentralized media. Many other news and entertainment outlets slowly are moving away from broadcasting and toward the internet and social media platforms. Maybe we’re a little biased, but it will be exciting to see what’s in store for Bold TV in 2021. 

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