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Why Are Delivery Drivers Essential? They Make the World Go ‘Round

Would you consider delivery drivers to be essential? Yes. Due to COVID, many people aren’t able to or willing to go out and buy things. Many people turned to ordering online to get what they needed. Whether it’s shopping for clothing, going out to the grocery store, ordering from a restaurant and buying other essential products, someone had to deliver all of these products, and these workers really put themselves out there to make sure that everyone in the country got what they needed. Shouldn’t they be next in line for the vaccine? Join Bold TV host, Philip Michael, as he chats with the CEO of Delivery Drivers Inc. Aaron Hageman. They talk about where the delivery industry is going and more.        

How COVID affected the delivery industry

COVID-19 has changed the delivery industry dramatically. Due to the uptick in online orders, many companies had to hire more drivers to keep up with demand. Companies that didn’t deliver their products before had to start delivering to survive. Hageman says that “the pandemic has moved them forward as an industry four to five years faster than they thought they were going to be.” With the changing times, we must change and adapt as well, and that’s what Delivery Drivers Inc. has done.   

What is Delivery Drivers Inc.?

Delivery Drivers Inc. is a third-party human resource service provider. They work with various companies and independent contractors, dealing with everything human resources from background checks, screenings, benefits, having access to insurance and finding a job. There are many different businesses that need products to be delivered, and not all businesses have their own human resources. So, many companies outsource this service to other people. Also, many drivers are independent and don’t work under one company, so they go through another medium to find work. Independent drivers don’t have human resources, so this is very useful for them to have. For both parties, the driver and the business, Delivery Drivers Inc. removes the burden of having to do all that work themselves. 

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