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Ask Philip: Stocks vs. Bitcoin and How to Use Zillow

The wait is over! Philip Michael is back with another Q & A. In this segment, he talks about the mechanics of crypto and stocks, investing in the U.S. from other countries and finding property agents online. Check out the video for the full responses!

Q. Do all stocks work the same? How about Bitcoin?

A. Well, that’s a good question. I suppose you’re asking from this standpoint: “If I invest in something, will it grow the same way?”

In terms of publicly traded stocks, they don’t all work the same because different businesses make different amounts of money and have different popularity levels out there in the public marketplace. If you’re buying a stock, break it down into its true value. If you have a company worth $1 million, break the stock down into a million pieces where each share is worth $1. So, if you buy 100 of those, you now own 100 out of a million shares. That’s how stocks work. 

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and some consider it a crypto asset. There’s a finite number of Bitcoins out there. You can buy a coin, or a piece of a coin, much like stocks. The hope is that it will go up in value over time. So in that sense, they have the same type of dynamic: They can go up or down based on the supply and demand. If the demand for Bitcoin dips, price dips. And if demand increases, then pricing increases. So, in terms that they both work by supply and demand, yes: Bitcoin and stocks are similar.

Q. How can I invest in the U.S. if I’m from another country?

A. Typically, what you can do is go to your local bank and tell the bankers, “Hey, I would like to invest in American securities” (Meaning: to invest in American stocks). Oftentimes, the bank would have brokers that can help you buy pieces of American companies. Another scenario is if you have family in the U.S. If that family member owns an LLC, you can request to have a piece of that LLC and thereby own a piece of that American company.

Q. I was on Zillow and saw so many multi-family homes, but I don’t know who to reach out to?

A. Go into the page, and there’s a name with the listing agent. There’s a phone number and there’s a form. A quick Google search will take you to their website. Remember, they get paid when you close, so they need a number of leads to come to them. Agents will make themselves very available for you. A lot of times you can just text them; that’s what I do. Say, “Hey, I am looking for three or four family properties in the Atlanta area for $400,000. Can you help me?” Once you’ve done that, they will come to you with properties and will start touring with you to find the right one. If you can’t find the name of the agent, type in Ctrl+F, or Command+F if you’re on a Mac. This will bring up a search bar for the page. Type in “listing agent” or “broker.”

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