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This Recent Graduate Started a Record Label in College

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

For a young college student, slash struggling musician, in North Carolina, the best 21st birthday present is a retweet from Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. Lawrence King is co-founder and CMO of Trilla G Entertainment Company, a record label and production company. He tells Bold TV about how he made a video entitled “I Love Union,” dedicated to the workers in the student union at Davidson University. The video was in response to “I Love Commons,” a video Curry featured in when he was a student at Davidson 10 years ago. King and his friends were ecstatic when Curry retweeted their video on King’s birthday.

How To Get a Record Label Started

Getting into the music business can be quite lucrative in today’s society. King and his two co-founders, Victor-Alan Weeks and Bradford Grant, began Trill G ENT and their music group Next Level to continue to pursue their dreams. It has not been easy to balance work responsibilities while breaking into the music business, but King says as long as his dream gets him out of bed in the morning, he will continue to pursue it.

Record Label

Pursuing a Career While Also Pursuing a Dream

“Everybody that I look up to, it took them 10 years to get to where they are,” King said. He encourages young dreamers to patiently go after their dreams and be willing to make sacrifices. The founders of Trilla G ENT didn’t have a full studio to get started. All they needed to succeed was a microphone. They created makeshift studios and made their vision come to life. The song “I Love Union” recently hit 50,000 streams on Spotify and is on all streaming platforms. Next Level’s first full-length album, “Executive Order,” is available on all streaming platforms as well. To order Next Level merch, check out their Instagram page.

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