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What is the Future of Cannabis in America?

What is the Future of Cannabis in America?
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While the cannabis industry has made headlines in the political realm, cannabis is breaking into the business world. Cannabis One is a business that has been involved in the seed to sale of cannabis since 2015, including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales. The company is a public entity on the Canadian Securities Exchange as CBIS; their U.S. ticker is CAAOF. CEO of Cannabis One Jeff Mascio discusses the growth of the cannabis industry and its promising future.

The First Step For The Future of Cannabis is Legalization

Mascio tells Bold TV there are now many ways to enter the cannabis industry, but the main risk is “touching the plant.” This means that growing the plant, extracting the beans, distributing to the retail channel or selling it in retail are subject to a certain level of risk. While the plant is still federally illegal, there are 11 states that have legalized its recreational use, and 44 states have legalized its medicinal use. Mascio says that cannabis’ legal counterpart, CBD, is becoming a more popular product. He says THC and CBD are very similar molecularly and have similar effects on the body. However, THC acts on the C1 receptor in the brain and creates a particular psychological effect separate from CBD.

Future of Cannabis

CBD and The Rest of The Cannabis Industry

Mascio says that cannabis interests people cannabis besides the success of the CBD industry. “The underlying [cannabis] industry is already valued at more than $65 billion,” Mascio said. He believes the cannabis industry seems to be following the alcohol industry during the time of Prohibition. Marcio forecasts that we will legalize cannabis in the future because it is such a growing industry, much like how our country abolished prohibition. He believes that the cannabis plant will no longer be federally illegal.  He also thinks the pharmaceutical industry will be the sole controller of new manipulations to the plant in order to create new drugs.

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