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How Can Content Creators Monetize Their Work?

How Can Content Creators Monetize Their Work?
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

These days, great content doesn’t always equal popularity. Without an audience, a work of art is only appreciated by the artist. Ajay Kishore knew that there was great content in the world of web series, and access was easy via platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. But among the noise and chaos, some great works were being lost. Could indie filmmakers, artists and digital creators build an audience and actually make money from their work? Kishore visits Bold TV to explain Stareable, the largest community of web series creators and his solution to web series creators’ biggest problem: making a living.

Giving Content Creators The Power of Fandom

Audiences have been conditioned to expect free content; indie content creators understand this concept but still are humans that need to pay rent. Stareable provides tools that help creators build an engaged audience of fans who will pay for bonus or premium features. If there is a web series that you love, you can take the next step on Stareable by paying for extra content and supporting that filmmaker. For example, Disney makes money on their movies, but they also have toys, costumes and a theme park. They capitalize on their popularity. Stareable aims to access the power of fandom and offer a community experience instead of the more individual casual viewership.

Content Creators

Evolving With the Definition of Success

Some creators define success as making it to television or a streaming service. Stareable started their own film festival to help start conversations and create buzz for their creators. Their partners include HBO, Comedy Central, Bustle, Vice and PBS. However, Stareable is also proof that the film industry is changing. Some indie creators simply desire to have an audience and be able to support themselves. Whatever the end goal, web series creators have all the tools they need to create their own measure of success.

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