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The Future of Streaming

Photographer: Glenn Carstens-Peters

When you’re out at a public venue, music or video is usually playing. But sometimes the only way we notice is when it stops and creates awkward silence. But there’s a new area of streaming for short-form content that eliminates dead space and keeps the entertainment rolling. Loop Media decided to enter this new streaming world, now holding one of the biggest libraries for music videos and trailers for games and movies. Justis Kao, chief communications officer of Loop Media, visits Bold TV to talk about the future of Loop.

Current Audience for Short-Form Streaming

Streaming is now huge in the hospitality sector. Loop’s main audience consists mainly of restaurants and bars, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Margaritaville and CycleBar. Each video is five minutes or less, and they play on a continuous loop, eliminating dead space and keeping people entertained. Loop is currently tackling the college sports scene and showing off their 24-hour movie trailer space. The business can choose the type of content they’d like to use and let Loop do the work. 



Who Are Loop’s Competitors?

Because short-form streaming is different from Netflix or YouTube, the competitors are unclear. While Spotify and Pandora play music, Loop holds access to several types of media beyond just tunes. In figuring out the market, Loop wants to offer their growing library to a broader audience: individuals. When this service becomes available later this year, people will have the option to start off with a free, month-long trial. Loop aims to extend its offering to many different areas, growing the business of short-form streaming. Check out the streaming conversation!

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