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Dr. Miami Talks Work-Life Balance, Rise to Fame and New Documentary!

Dr. Miami Talks Work-Life Balance, Rise to Fame and New Documentary!
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Who knew that the term “celebrity doctor” would ever be a thing? It definitely exists in 2020! Dr. Miami is a celebrity plastic surgeon, with a large following on social media. Millions of people from all over the world watch his videos of butt lifts, breast augmentations and tummy tucks. Now, he tunes in to Bold Life to talk about his work and his documentary They Call Me Dr. Miami.

The Rise of the Social Media Celebrity Doctor

Before he exploded on social media, Dr. Miami was a normal person. He started his own practice in 2003. Brazilian butt lifting wasn’t around, much less social media. He performed surgeries during the day and then went home to his wife and growing family. Then, around 2014, his social media started gaining traction. He now has almost 160,000 followers on Instagram, more than 230,000 on TikTok and many more Snapchat viewers. His kids may see him as an embarrassing dad, but a lot of people diligently watch the videos of his procedures. He has celebrity patients and has even been mentioned in a few rap songs. 

They Call Me Dr. Miami

Fans can now get an inside look at Dr. Miami’s interesting life. His new documentary They Call Me Dr. Miami shows the life behind his personality on social media. He turns his personality up to 11 for videos, but he has a normal life behind the iPhone. Another component of the doc is about the rise of social media. It dives into how people are so engrossed with visual media and how that played a big role in his rise to fame. Check out his conversation with Zayna on our health segment!

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