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How To Snag A Job During A Global Pandemic?

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You may know someone who had a job offer before the pandemic. And it’s probable that the job offer was quickly rescinded. Unemployment has spread as businesses have struggled to stay afloat amidst the lockdown. Employers are more focused on who they’re letting go rather than who they’re hiring. People are wondering when they will have a steady paycheck again. Vicki Salemi, career expert for Monster, believes people soon will have more job opportunities. But until then, she tells Bold TV a few things unemployed people need to know. 


What to do while unemployed

Are you worried about having a gap on your resume? Employers typically see a gap between jobs and wonder why you weren’t working. But in this case, recruiters and employers know you have a good reason. They understand that many people will have blank space during the time of quarantine. But this isn’t an excuse to wait around for life to return to normal. It’s important that you keep job searching. Employers will ask how you spent your unemployment time. Were you conducting virtual interviews and networking? Were you volunteering for a good cause? Think outside the box!


Think outside the box to find a job

Can’t find a job in your field? A lot of current graduates are applying for jobs either outside their field or below their qualifications. Career experts say that this is the perfect opportunity to focus on your soft skills. Are you a good communicator? Problem solver? You may do well in a grocery store or food delivery position. A part-time job in the essential sector may strengthen those soft skills. You will develop new strengths, earn money, stay busy and make connections. Remember that this situation is temporary. Keep your eyes on the career websites, and keep applying. You’ve got this!

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