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The Tech Community Post COVID-19

Photographer: nathana reboucas

How is the technology community surviving during the global pandemic? Companies in the health space are either steady or growing. Much of the tech community was already ahead of the curve, using remote workforces. Some tech companies are struggling along with other industries. Early-stage funding has plummeted. But entrepreneurs have a unique characteristic where they see problems as opportunities. So many people in the tech community are thinking of new ventures. Aaron Price is the CEO of the New Jersey Tech Council. He is an entrepreneur who brings together the tech community in his area. He joins Bold TV to talk about how this year will impact the future of tech. 


Entrepreneurs see opportunities in problems

Prices believes that technology is not always about complex hardware and hardcore technology. It’s the way people see the world and address their problems to create the kind of life they want. And he believes entrepreneurs and innovators see this new world situation as an opportunity. If you’re an entrepreneur, ask what opportunity you can create for yourself. Many new pieces of tech will emerge from this time. Technology is already making its way into our normal lives. Zoom video chat technology is only in its infancy. Its popularity is on the rise. 


Moving tech operations to smaller cities

Technology is still playing a huge role in all industries. But this pandemic may have taught a big lesson. Many companies may want to take operations out of the city and into a suburb. They may realize that people can thrive through working at home. And operations can flourish in a smaller city at a fraction of the cost. States near densely populated cities may see more people and companies moving in. One thing is for sure: tech companies will survive. Price says that entrepreneurs say, “We find a way through where there isn’t.”

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