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The “Passion Economy” Can Cause Anxiety for Millennials

Millennials have been dubbed the most anxious generation. And many people have taken on the mantle of deciding the root cause. While this is a nearly impossible feat, several assumptions may be small pieces of the bigger picture. Adam Davidson has a key piece. The author of The Passion Economy: Nine Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century, Davidson found that growing up in this century means more stress on finding your passion. While workers in past centuries faced their own unique hurdles, the stressors of today are different. He chats with Bold TV about how Millennials can ease some of their anxiety by gaining perspective.

Looking at the past to gain perspective

Davidson stresses the importance that we’re in the middle of an economic change. The fundamental logic of how life works –– how you create a career and make a living –– is evolving. And with change comes discomfort. To gain perspective, Davidson suggests you look back, way back. In the late 1800s, many people followed in their parents’ footsteps, whether they were farmers or cobblers. It wasn’t extremely common to go to high school, much less college. Fast-forward to the 20th century, which featured production on a bigger scale. It was common to be “a company man” and do your assigned tasks, leaving uniqueness out of the 9-5. But a new century brings a new way of life. Now, anything that’s routine or repetitive can be outsourced or accomplished by a computer. There’s a new freedom, where people can choose what they do according to their passions. But parameters often supply a sense of comfort, so this freedom can spark anxiety for young people growing up in the passion economy.

Use your uniqueness to your advantage

Davidson believes that to get ahead in this economy, you have to define who you are and what you want to do. That sounds like the bad news because figuring out your uniqueness takes time. And the process of finding your passion causes short-term anxiety. But the good news is that you get to use your specialness to your advantage. To learn about succeeding in the 21st century, check out Davidson’s book and podcast. It offers real-life stories, such as a drug kingpin turned convict turned successful gym owner.


For more, check out this story on how a woman turned her unique passion into a business.

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