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3 Tips to Save Money on Food

When fast food first rose in popularity, it wasn’t great for the population’s health. But now, healthy food is trendy, and people don’t want to put as much cheap junk in their body. Different grocery stores and restaurants are now known for their organic options. But the main downside to organic food is the price. Eating healthy helps the body but hurts the wallet. But there’s no reason to sacrifice your health to save a few bucks and vice versa. Our hosts Philip Michael and Julia Sun discuss how to incorporate healthy food into your budget and save money.

These 3 tips can get you started

  1. Buy groceries on a website such as Amazon. This article shows that the popular shopping site carries cheaper groceries than Walmart, which is considered to have low prices. And Amazon has many organic options as well. But always make sure to price match. Websites such as MyGroceryDeals help you to compare prices for different products so you know you get the best deal.
  2. Try out the generic store brands. It’s not always trendy to choose the generic brand, but it could be a fraction of the cost. Check out these generic brand vs. name brand comparisons from Dave Ramsey. 
  3. Cut down on your eating-out budget. Eating out at restaurants is much easier than cooking at home. But after a fun month of dinner parties and brunches in the city, the bank account doesn’t look so hot. Eating in should be the norm, and eating out should be a splurge.

Save money but still eat well

If you’re looking at your budget and don’t know how to trim off money, these tips may be your starting point. And there are many more resources out there to help you maximize your money. Don’t forget that you don’t have to sacrifice your health by buying unhealthy food. There’s no price on a healthy body.


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