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How to Apply for Unemployment – So Many Questions

None of us ever aim to apply for unemployment. But sometimes our circumstances bring us to that point. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from applying for this assistance to help you get back on your feet. But don’t let the confusion of the process keep you from it either. Bold TV hosts Philip Michael and Julia Sun chat about key unemployment information. Keep these tips in mind!

There are several checkboxes

Before applying for unemployment, take note that every state is different. You file in the state where you work, so research this state’s unemployment info to find out if you qualify for the benefits. First, unemployment is meant for workers that lost their jobs but weren’t at fault. So if you were fired for not showing up to work, you probably don’t qualify. Next, you also must be willing and able to work. Finally, the state’s government wants proof that you’re actively searching for employment. They need to know that you aren’t complacent in receiving unemployment benefits for an unidentifiable period.

Apply for unemployment on a specific day

It’s important to file on the day you lose your job, but when millions of people file on the same day, the system goes haywire. Some states implemented unique guidelines because of an overload of unemployment applications. In the state of New York, you can file for unemployment on a specific day based on the first letter of your last name. If you miss “your day,” you file on Thursday through Sunday, and your benefits will backlog to the day you lost your job. Because the system is so backlogged, only call unemployment services if you lost your job. If you’re still employed, try to leave phone lines open for the people in immediate need. And as always, use the internet to find your state’s specific policies for filing. Be prepared for the process.

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