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Are You in a Toxic Relationship With Money?

“Most people don’t even realize that they have a relationship with money,” Eleni Anastos told Bold TV’s Philip Michael. What do you think: Is your money relationship healthy or toxic? Red flags of a toxic relationship with money may be thoughts such as “Money is the bad guy” or “There’s never enough money.” Some of us deal with financial problems by checking out mentally and becoming disconnected. But Anastos says it’s time to re-engage. Yes, 2020 presented some stumbling blocks, but you always have to work for a healthy relationship. And it always starts with the right mindset. You have many limiting thoughts, so where do you start?

Stop believing you are powerless

The biggest mistake when it comes to money is thinking that you have no control. If you believe that money has this special power over you, you will never create the wealth or impact you want. How can you move toward a healthier mindset? Track every amount of money that comes in before taxes, deductions and spending. If you’re at a place where you are afraid or angry to write down a zero, money is still controlling you. Anastos says even if you write down zero, you’re still behind the wheel because you’re not scared to face it. Facing reality is the first step to fixing your relationship with money. 

Believe that you can rebuild

If you’ve been struggling financially year after year with no relief, it’s time to look in the mirror. You may believe deep-down that there’s not enough money for you. Anastos wants us to remember that not all of the money in the universe has vanished. There is still hope even in the face of constant challenges. You need to rewire your brain with these thoughts: Believe that you can rebuild and that money is still out there. “None of us can succeed beyond our current beliefs,” Anastos said. So what beliefs are you harboring that may be hindering your success?

For tips on wealth-building, check this out.

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