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Looking Back at the Biggest News of 2020

Looking Back At The Biggest News Of 2020
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2020 was either the longest or shortest of your life so far. Maybe you felt like March definitely stretched on for at least four months. Or possibly you remember January maskless hangouts like it was just yesterday. But there’s no denying this year’s news was one of a kind. There’s that old saying that your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror because you’re supposed to look ahead instead of back. But it can be interesting to take a peek. Here are some highlights from Google’s 2020 Year in Search to show just how much we went through.

Trending searches

Most-searched definitions

Why? Just why?

If you found yourself wondering “why?” this year, you weren’t alone. Simon Rogers, the data editor at Google News Lab, called 2020 “the year we asked ‘why?’” He wrote that people searched questions such as “Why are people clapping?” and “Why is mental health important?” Which answers did you discover?

Boldest stories

We at Bold TV want to thank our viewers for joining us in the journey of elevating voices, building bridges and empowering each other. Here are a few of our own top stories from this year. 

  1. Should We Be Worried About Voter Fraud?
  2. The Renaissance of Conservative Media
  3. What Is DatChat? This Could Be a Game-Changer for Data Privacy.

Keep asking questions, and stay Bold!

What do you think was the biggest news of 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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