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Kids Need Laptops for Virtual School. What If They Don’t Have One?

What’s at least one thing we learned in 2020? Virtual school isn’t going anywhere. And if you’ve talked to any parents or children, you know that education hasn’t been smooth sailing this year. But did you know that thousands of students didn’t have laptops at home to attend class or complete schoolwork? Tanesha Grant found this out the hard way when her son didn’t have the technology he needed. Oni Higgins sat down with Grant to learn how she started raising funds to buy children laptops for virtual schooling. 

Raising money to buy laptops for students

How did Grant get the idea to fundraise for students to get laptops? Her 13-year-old son had a DOE-issued iPad, but when virtual school started, they found out the device wouldn’t let him do what he needed to. So, Grant decided to take matters into her own hands. With Parents Supporting Parents NY and Moms United for Black Lives, children in need are receiving laptops to help them further their education. Parents Supporting Parents NY was founded to give back to the community. While it was founded in central Harlem, they have given laptops to children in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Their only requirement is that you don’t have a laptop. They have both a list and a waiting list. Their plan is to help as many children as possible. 

“Can I keep it?”

Grant says the most heart-breaking thing is when the kids ask if they can keep the laptop. She is glad to help these children who have never owned this type of technology to continue their schooling. To support this cause or ask about the list, learn more on Parents Supporting Parents NY’s Facebook account!

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